Shopping and New Business

Went to some of my favorite shops in Tarrytown today to do a little shopping. Although there was plenty there, there wasn't anything for me. What I did see was a friend who operates an awesome gourmet shop called Mint, doing construction on his new project. There was a lot of running back and forth across the street and it was awesome to see new business happening. We love to shop and eat at Mint (on Main Street in Tarrytown) and we can't wait to see what he'll open across the street!

Shipping to London

Happy to report that I sent a little something to Old London Town.

NYC Errands

Maybe it wasn't the best day to choose to do errands, but sometimes ya gotta do what ya gotta do. Spent a little extra time in traffic, but all in all it was a great day in the Big Apple.

And So It Goes...

Thankfully Hurricane Irene spared the brunt of her force from us. We are truly some of the lucky ones because this Hurricane unleashed a fury not seen in quite some time. We spent the day indoors watching the wind blow through the trees.

Home for the Weekend!

We're heeding all the warnings and staying indoors.

Hurricane Irene...

I don't believe it, but I will be missing the NYC flea market tomorrow. NYC is practically shut down and is being evacuated. Connecticut is preparing for the storm. I'm spending the day enjoying all that we stocked up on today at the supermarket.

ARTFIXdaily blog - My Kid Could Paint That!

Abstract art - you either love it or hate it. Or maybe don't understand it... Here's my take on this in my blog for this week... Click here to read Postcards from Brazil on ARTFIXdaily.

Heading to Philly... And Back!

It was a last minute thing. I heard about some great items and I knew that I wanted them. Today, I headed down to Philly and got a gorgeous Mosaic and an amazing scope. Check back soon to see everything at my booth in Center44!

Antiques and MMA

Have you heard of Anger Management MMA? No? It's one of the other hats that I wear. I think this is a great combination, antiques and MMA. When you have a chance, check out my management company and see what we're all about! Click here!

Monday is Back!

Sometimes is seems to arrive sooner than I expect. Other times, I can't wait for its arrival. Today was the latter. The weekend was great, but I have a lot of projects on my plate and needed the push of Monday to get me started!

Slow Day...

Not much doing...

Church Tag Sale

Since I couldn't head down to the NYC flea market, we (my two kids and I ) headed over to a local church tag sale. I was making some jokes about there being a whole bunch of small breakable items on rickety folding tables - just perfect for two and three year olds! Turns out the kids were awesome and we even scored some cool Match Box cars!


It was a great week and I'm glad that Friday is here.

ARTFIXdaily Blog - Enrique Castro-Cid

Click here to read this week's blog about Enrique Castro-Cid. Available every week on ARTFIXdaily, my blog is called Postcards from Brazil.

New Listings on 1stdibs

If it's Wednesday, it's 1stdibs. to see my inventory.

Meeting with Cannon Hersey

Big plans. We have them. The first of many art shows is now in the works. Planning for this Fall a gorgeous art show at my booth in Center 44, and then the world. Seriously. We have big plans...

Heritage Auctions...

Today, after dropping off a few items at Center44, I had an appointment at Heritage Auction Gallery. I brought them a few coins. Actually nine. They loved all of them. After the World Coin Expert does some research on the history, I'll let you what happens.

Heading to Center44 Tomorrow

The car (minivan, but I'm sad to say that...) is packed with the new purchases from the weekend. Be sure to stop in to my booth, B14, tomorrow to see the pair of French urns and the five foundry molds. Some very cool items!

Flea Market Finds

As the famous 26th Street flea market winds down (it's closing soon), it's bittersweet. Sure, there's progress, but where's tradition? It's already a fraction of it's former self from the heydays. But, there's still finds to find. I bought a gorgeous pair of French copper double handled urns with hand chasing. Very nice. Oh, and on another note, I got some awesome tomatoes from my friend Anthony Rosa. Fresh from his garden and devoured by my family and me, they were terrific!

ARTFIXdaily Blog

I hope you've seen it already, but if you haven't, please click here to read my blog on ARTFIXdaily. The link is sent out in their email every Thursday (I post my blog on Wednesdays). But today, it was mailed out again and is also on the homepage! Thanks, ARTFIXdaily!

Un-safe Safe

I have a safe. It's ridiculously heavy. I have a guy who wants to buy it. It's ridiculously heavy. I have a safe.

1stdibs Listings Are Up!

If it's Wednesday, then it must be 1stdibs! Click here to see my inventory on 1stdibs.

Industrial Lockers

I've had some good luck with lockers in the past. A have another pair, grey six doors, mid century... actually I should say that I HAD another pair. 99% sure that an artist is coming by to buy these. But, if I get anymore, I'll be sure to let you know!

Jade and Cameos

Today I was a bit of a jewelry dealer. It's always fun to venture out of your comfort zone and try something new. So that's what I did. I sold a gorgeous jade ring in a gold mount and a pair of Italian cameos. It was a great way to start off the week!

Dog Bookends / Door Stops at the NYC Flea Market

Waking up early has its benefits. Mis-matched socks, dark circles under the eyes, driving on I-95 at 4am... I could go on. Instead, I'll tell you about the great pair of dog bookends / door stops that I bought at the NYC flea market today. Iron and chrome. Very nice. And a pair. See them in my booth at Center44!

New Merchandise and Holds, Solds, Pendings at Center44

We have added some new merchandise to our booth at Center44. See the pair of mid Century mirrored wall sconces and the library that isn't a library... The first week of August has been amazing! We have a lot on hold, pending and sold! Check out the photos for a quick peek at our booth. Better yet, visit our booth on line by clicking here, or even better still, visit our booth in person at Center 44 at 222 East 44th Street in Midtown Manhattan!








Sales Report: Center44

The start of August has been a brisk one. The Jorge Zalszupin coffee table and near pair of side tables have all sold. The monumental stone coffee table from Brazil has also sold, as did the three piece garden set. Stay tuned for what else is selling as there's lots on hold in our booth at Center44. Click here to see our inventory at Center44.

ARTFIXdaily Blog Now On-Line!

Each Thursday my blog - Postcards from Brazil - goes on-line. Read it by clicking here. This week it's about the Russian artist Anatoly Belkin.

1stdibs Listings Are Up!

I really look forward to each Wednesday! Click here to see my listings on 1stdibs!

MMA and Antiques

Perhaps you know already, or maybe this is new to you... In addition to being an antiques dealer, I'm also an MMA manager. With a crew of fighters and a lot of fights coming up, this is one of my side gigs. The website, Anger Management MMA, is up and running. If you have a chance, check it out to see what else I do! Thanks!

August is Here!

So, this is when the 'Dog Days' usually start. Those hot days in August that make you yearn for cooler October breezes. Fall sweaters and jeans. Well, not me. I love the Summer! Bring it on! The beach, the pool, the sun, the everything about Summer. Carrying an armful of antiques through crowded Manhattan streets, sweating like a maniac. Fantastic! Let's go Summer!