Waiting for the Clock to Strike Twelve II

It was a night of food, friends and fireworks. We spent the evening in Vargem Grande (a neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro) that is complete with trees, plants, flora and the like. It was the perfect setting to enjoy a huge meal and to watch the fireworks.

Just Another Day in Paradise

Pretty much sums it up.

What To Wear

Apparently the color of your outfit has a big significance in Brazil. Each color is associated with a different desire - love, peace, money, etc... We'll be wearing white. The color for purity. We're already getting the outfits together. White is not always the best choice for little ones, but we'll see how it turns out...

Hump Day During a Holiday Week

I'm not going to say that it is hard work, relaxing in Rio. Poolside. And on the beach. But, it is a lot of work. Eating great food and enjoying presents from Papai Noel. Life is good and we're all having fun here. Can't wait for New Year's!


Of course, we all prepared way too much food. The leftovers have been absolutely wonderful and we are still enjoying them. Of course, the great presents from Papai Noel are getting some use, too!


Have you heard of this amazingly delicious Brazilian dessert? A little ball of condensed milk, chocolate and total awesomeness! The only problem is that you can't eat just one!

Merry Christmas!

It's still a bit of a change to celebrate the Holidays after a dip in the pool or a day at the beach. But, I think that this is something that I can get used to doing! Hope your Holidays were awesome!

Waiting for the Clock to Strike Twelve

That's the tradition here. At midnight, after an amazing meal with way too many desserts, we gather around the Christmas tree and open presents. What a hoot! Up all night with family and friends, celebrating and laughing. This is truly something to be thankful for today and everyday. Family and friends! Oh yes, and Skype!

The Day Before The Fun

A little last minute Christmas shopping in Brazil... the family is eagerly awaiting Papai Noel! Me, too!

On the way to Rio de Janeiro

This is the perfect time to be in Cidade Maravilhosa! Holiday time in Rio is like no other. The city is on Holiday and everyone is in the mood to be with family and friends!

Time to Pack

Luckily the packing is light. Bikinis, shorts and flip flops. This is the kind of December that I like. We're heading to Rio for family time for the Holidays. Can't wait!

The Lay of the Land

Lots of small streets and a lot of hills. So happy we have an automatic. We're putting lots of miles (actually kilometers) on our car and enjoying every minute! It's an adventure finding all of the shops and stores. It's a lot of this, 'When you see the place where the gas station used to be, make the next left'. Huh?

Monday Doesn't Feel Like Monday

Maybe it's because the calendar says December and the thermometer says 90 that I'm feeling so relaxed. Maybe it's Brazil. Maybe it's both. Anyway, it's Monday and I feel like it's Friday. Let the week(end) begin!

Research, research, research...

After the flea market yesterday, I scoured the internet to find all of the things that I saw at the market. Wow. My accent definitely caused a 50% increase in the prices. No worries though. I have learned the ways here and am ready to bargain!

Flea Markets!

Wherever we are in the world, the first place I always want to go is the local flea market. Today was no exception. The market was great, but my accent definitely raised the asking prices. What the sellers don't expect me to find out is that they have placed the same merchandise for sale on line with much different (read: lower) asking prices. As my Dad always says, Knowledge is Power!


Spending the day getting addresses and directions to all of the stores, shops and markets in the area. It's a lot of small streets and confusing directions, but no worries. Where there's a will, there's a way!

Jet Lag...

It's a small time difference, but it has caught up with us. After a great night and day's rest, we are acclimated and ready to hit the ground running!

In Brazil and Ready to Shop!

We landed last night after a great flight on TAM. If you're travelling to Brazil, this is a great airline! This week and weekend, we're planning to visit a few shops and flea markets here in Sao Paulo. Stay tuned to see what we find! Should be interesting...

Brazil Bound

A day of flying to arrive in Paradise. I'll take it!

The Day Before a Trip to Brazil

It's a day full of last minute "Oh my goodness, I forgot...". There was a lot of that happening. Luckily, everything was resolved and we're ready!

NYC Flea Market

Another great day at the flea market, even with a shut out. It was more of a social visit and we scored some great treats! Cookies, candy canes and so much more. Who doesn't love Holiday time?

New Video at Center 44

Since we've added more items to our boutique at Center 44, we've shot another video. It's on our YouTube Channel, home page and right here. To see everything in person, visit Center 44 at 222 East 44th Street in Midtown Manhattan.

Center 44 Again...

The Game of the Ideal and Skeleton Mic Stand are back in my boutique at Center 44. Stop by B14 and see what else is new...

Exchange of Ideas and Information

What did we do before email? I guess we spoke more on the telephone. But, I have to tell you that with my work schedule, 24 hours a day, email makes things much simpler. I've been adding a lot of paintings to my boutique at Center 44 and I've furnished them with all of the information on the artists with a few key strokes. To see our boutique, be sure to visit Center 44 at 222 East 44th Street in Midtown Manhattan.

Big Day at Center 44

Another day of deliveries at Center 44. Today we placed an important painting by Stephen Pace in our boutique. A large abstract work dating to circa 1958, it exhibits strong colors and brush strokes. Along with the work by Pace, we also placed three large works by Russian artist Evgeniy Andreevich Agafonov. These works have rich jewel tones and exhibit symbols of Russian history.

Anatoly Belkin, Glass Vases...

We placed a few more items in the boutique at Center 44 today. Be sure to see the painting by Anatoly Belkin and the modern glass vases.

Red Velvet and Lucite

Maybe it's your favorite combo, maybe not - but these chairs are gorgeous! Great lines and super comfortable. See them in my boutique at Center44.

Antique Show

We spent the day hanging out on Greenwich Avenue with an old friend. A great lunch and coffee, it was the perfect day for window shopping and people watching. Afterwards, we headed up 95 a little to visit a dealer friend at an antique show. It was a fairly new show as shows go. The booths all looked beautiful and there was some amazing merchandise being offered. It's always nice to see what's happening in all areas of the business and after talking with a few of the dealers, it seemed that everybody was happy.

NYC Flea Market and Center44

It was one of those Saturdays that got off to a late start. Even still, it was a great one. We headed to Center44 for a little more booth arranging, actually placing a few things in the booth and then over to the NYC flea market. While it was a shut out, I still love going there! Afterwards we went to the East Village and had some amazing ice cream with a good friend. A great day!

I'm Hooked, I Think...

I bought this rug a while ago and am just getting around to finding out what it is. Not that I've been busy (actually I have, but a friend once said "If you want something done, ask a busy person to do it"), I've been focusing on other projects. Today, I gave myself a little spare time to start this one. It's a hooked (I think) rug with a great jungle animal theme. Here are a couple photos. I'll let you know what I find out...



Artist Framing

That's the kind of framing that you usually see on art from the mid Century. More often than not, abstracts. It was a quick way to cover up the edges of a painting. This strips of wood are tacked onto the sides right into the stretcher. Sometimes painted, sometimes left as bare wood. Over the years this kind of framing evolved into that very simple gallery molding (in my opinion). I made some myself today to cover the edges of a few paintings. Amazing what a difference it makes!