Short Month, Long on Possibilities

There's been a lot of activity and interest in our booth at Center44. We're so thankful for all of the attention and sales. Here's the latest item that's been pegged by a designer.


Time to Rest

It's been a busy week and an even busier month. We're taking the day off! Hope you can, too!

Saturday Shopping

1stdibs has a special Saturday Shopping each week. Kind of like a virtual flea market. It's a super fun way to spend an early Saturday morning!

Still Shopping...

I've said before that there's nothing like getting on the road to do some antiquing. It's so awesome to be on the open road and travelling from one town to another. This is a great way to find those hidden treasures.

Pair Nesting Tables Sold

The gorgeous pair of nesting tables in a bamboo reed design, have sold.

New Items Posted to 1stdibs!

Every Wednesday we post new items to 1stdibs! Be sure to see our page, Heather Karlie Fine Art and Antiques, to see what's new!

A Few New Designers...

We've been discovered by a few new designers at Center44. The word is definitely getting out about our booth. After just a few months, we've already sold well over half of the original merchandise. This ultra high demand has led to many new purchases and more sales. Thanks!

Center44 Shout Out!

Thanks again to Center44 for the shout out! Our Leather and Iron Club Chair and the Arne Norell Lounge Chair have a special mention. Check out this link to know more!

Sun and Fun

That's what we all need! Especially in the Northeast. The Winter has been a tough one. Let's all have sunny thoughts!

Looking at a Trunk

I found a pretty incredible trunk. It's from a famous French maker (no, not that one) and it looks to be in excellent condition. Now comes the hard part. It also looks to be extremely rare. Rarity doesn't always equal desire. Sometimes a one off, is just that, a one off. And, it's a one off for a reason. So, the searching and researching continues! Stay tuned to know more!

Center44 Video

While my videos have yet to go viral, they are getting some views. Here's the latest video shot at Center44.

Joaquim Tenreiro Sofa is in NYC

The Joaquim Tenreiro sofa has arrived in New York City. This will be an exciting and important addition to our selection of mid Century Brazilian designer furniture. Heading off to the upholsterer soon. Stay tuned!

Sofas For a Photo Shoot!

We'll be renting some of our Brazilian furniture for an upcoming photo shoot. Stay tuned for more info.

Center44 Updated and Looking Great

We updated our booth at Center44 today! Here are a couple photos of our booth! See it for yourself at 222 East 44th Street!



Love Is In The Air!

Happy Valentine's Day to one and all!!!!!

Sunday Family Day!

Spent the day with our family eating a great pancake breakfast, hanging out and telling jokes! That's what I call a Sunday!

Great Weekend for Shopping!

Yeah, I know it's cold here. That's why you have to keep moving! We'll be out and about looking for more great merchandise for our booth in Center44 and for our booth in Hiden Galleries!

Hiden Galleries Website

Spent the afternoon at Hiden Galleries taking photos of the dealers' booths. Another great day. Be sure to see the new and updated website for Hiden Galleries!

Running to Appointments (Literally!)

It was one of those days when I had way too much to do and way too little time to do everything! If you were anywhere in Connecticut today and saw someone running from the auction houses to the consignment shops to private homes - then it was probably me. Trust me, I'm appreciative for all the great business, just wish that the appointments had been over a couple days rather than a couple hours! New Listings

Be sure to see our new listings on - we added the iconic Arne Norell lounge chair and the pair of designer Brazilian sofas to our offerings. See everything in person at Center44!

Shipping is All Set!

Just got word from the shippers. The Joaquim Tenreiro sofa is on the way to Center44. We are so happy and excited with this news. Stay tuned to know when it will make its debut!

Brazil, Russia, India, China - BRIC

It seems that Heather Karlie Fine Art & Antiques has our own version of BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, China) in terms of art and furniture. For Brazil (kind of a no-brainer), see our extensive inventory of fine and designer Brazilian mid century furniture. For Russia, see the three large scale paintings by Eugene Andrew Agafonoff (Evgeniy Andreevich Agafonov). For India, see the three works of art (provenance: collection of George P. Bickford then given to the collection of Mahrukh Tarapor). For China, see the two contemporary photos.

Looking and Searching

A lot of my time is spent looking for great antiques and mid Century design. While the internet has helped to make the world a smaller place, you are still searching the entire world (digitally). That's a lot of files to go through. It doesn't always feel the same as jumping in the car and hitting the road. That sense of an adventure you have when you first walk into a shop wondering what might be there. This, to me, is what its all about. The search is half the fun. The time is right to get back on the road and check out some local shops. You never know what could be right in your own backyard!

Organizing Shipping

I've written before about how much fun it is to buy and sell antiques. You've also read how I feel about shipping them. After many emails and phone calls, it seems that the Joaquim Tenreiro sofa will be on its way soon. I can't wait to have this in my booth at Center44. It absolutely gorgeous!

Happy Friday!

TGIF! We ran down to Center44 to do a quick re-arrange of our booths and I must say that I am surprised to see how full two booths are! Starting from one booth of great furniture, art, sculpture and more. There's definitely a lot to see! Here's a few pics to tide you over until you make the trip to Center44 in person!







Joaquim Tenreiro Sofa

Yes, that's right. A sofa by one of the masters of Brazilian design. It's a study in simplicity, elegance, beauty, line, form and strength. A marvel for the eyes. Comfort for the body. It is, quite simply, perfect. Look for it soon at our booth in Center44!

Center44 - Updated!

We just love the premier antiques center in Manhattan, Center44. Jim and Paul and the whole staff are the utmost in knowledge, service and friendliness. For the best in traditional and mid Century modern, it's Center44! Here's a few photos of our booth with the Brazilian sofa set, Alex coffee table by Sergio Rodrigues, Jacaranda wall unit by Sergio Rodrigues for OCA and more...




New Items to Center44

Looking to bring a few more items to Center44 soon. A sofa and lounge chair set. Since I'll have that other booth for a little while, seems like a good idea to bring a few things out of storage! Check back to find out what and when!