Ready for the Weekend (1 day early)

I'm already planning just how much to BBQ this weekend! I love to grill. So, an early Happy Fourth of July to everyone!


Don't really want to talk about the mountain of paperwork on my industrial metal desk.

Center44 and Social Networking!

Center44 will now be updating their social networking pages (Facebook, Twitter and YouTube). Be sure to friend, follow and subscribe!

SOLD and Delivered!

That was fast! The industrial carts have been sold and delivered to an awesome client in Norwalk! Thank you!

Industrial 2 Tier Carts from Chicago

These are amazing! I posted a couple pics on my Facebook page. They are in great shape and gorgeous!

London Calling & NYC Flea

Actually, I called London. Wanted to touch base with that dealer from London who had an interest in the Old Master. They're still interested. More updates to come. I was calling London, because I was up so early and at the flea market. I bought a gorgeous pair of Neo-Classical gilt wood sconces. Check them out at Center44!

Armor or Armour

Any way you spell it, it's the focus of my research right now. The painting of St. Michael depicts him in an elaborately decorated suit of armor. I've contacted an armor society in the UK (perhaps I should be spelling it armour) and they will be researching the armor. Check back to see what they think!

Holds, Holds, Holds...

Who doesn't love a hold? It's very rewarding to know that people are interested in your items. Of course they usually need approval to purchase, so they hedge their bet and place the item on hold. Really shows their interest. Now, I have a double hold on the Near Pair of Side Tables by Jorge Zalszupin. Cool. Oh, and a Very prominent NY store is interested in the dining table with six chairs. So chic!

Read My Guest Blog on Stagetecture!

A great read (if I do say so myself) on Brazilian designers and architects. Click here it read it!

1stdibs New Listings Are Tomorrow

Be sure to check out the new listings on 1stdibs. I have a few nice items posting tomorrow!

A New Pair of Chairs?

I'm looking at a pair of Brazilian lounge chairs. Gorgeous and comfortable. Stay tuned to find out if they'll be in the HKFA&A inventory soon...

Happy Father's Day!

To all the Dads, Grand Dads, Uncles, Brothers, Cousins, etc... a very Happy Father's Day to everyone!

NYC Flea Market

A great day at the NYC flea market. Look for these soon at Center44 - a gorgeous pair of white Asian style lamps and a fantastic hand painted oversized vase.

Shopping in NYC and a Hold

It was a rainy day to be shopping, but I had fun anyway. Running through the raindrops to some of my most favorite places to shop, it was great to see old friends and meet new ones. During all of the excitement, I got a call to place a hold on the pair of Zalszupin side tables. Yippie!

Guest Blog Soon...

I've been asked to be a guest blogger on Stagetecture! Check back to know more and when!

New Listings on 1stdibs!

Be sure to see my new listings posted onto the 1stdibs website! Click here to view the items in my storefront!


I spent the day at Center44 re-arranging my booth and dropping off the freak-chic skeleton mic stand! This was the eye catcher of everyone on the train (Metro-North) and at Center44. I posted a video on my YouTube channel. Click here to see my YouTube channel.

Happy Monday (Sort of)

Sometimes, the cobbler's children have no shoes. And sometimes, the antique dealers family has no furniture. Well, not exactly No Furniture, but less. The great decoupage filing ca=binet was from our home. Now, I need to find a new home for those million pieces of paper, odds and ends, cell phones, etc that were oh so carefully stored in the aforementioned filing cabinet. So, there's my Monday...

NYC Flea Market

The flea market was awesome today, I set up and sold a ton of great stuff. An oversized mid Century abstract painting, a decoupage filing cabinet, a pair of Swedish brass candlesticks and so much more. Thanks to all my clients, both new and old!

A Trip Down The Shore

You have to be from Philly to understand, 'Down the Shore'. It really is a Philly thing. We spent a long weekend in Philly and now we're capping it off with a trip to the beach. And we're off...

The City of Brotherly Love

Another great day in Philly. We spent the day in Fishtown. Now gentrified and uber cool, there's plenty of art galleries, antique shops, bars, restaurants and more. It's really worth the trip!

Amazing Mic Stand!

This is definitely a mic stand for Those About To Rock!!! The piece has a skeleton, flowers and other great decorations. Check out the pic for an idea. See it in person at Center44 or online on 1stdibs soon!

Heading to Philly

I'm heading down to Philly to spend a long weekend there shopping. Let's see if the City of Brotherly Love shows some love!

SOLD! English Trunk and Fireplace Set

The amazing and oversized English trunk and the amazing and oversized fireplace set both sold today to the same buyer. Thanks very much!!!

Online Shopping...

Today looks like a great day to shop... online. And it actually is. Found a few great Brazilian pieces. Check back to see if they make it into the HKFA&A inventory!

Sunday is a Rest Day

After that long day yesterday, I need to take off today...

Saturday at the Flea Market!

It was an awesome Saturday spent at the NYC flea market. Great to see so many old friends and meet new ones. And the buyers were surely there as well. I sold an amazing mid Century Mexican oil on canvas, an important hand crafted Deco frame among a lot of other items both large and small. Thanks to everybody!

Loading Up For the NYC Flea Market!

Since I have a few hours to spare around 3am or so, I thought I'd pack up the minivan and head on down to the NYC flea market. Definitely look for me there with amazing finds!

Brass and Oak English Trunk

This one is great. Totally oversized. With great brass details. With amazing history marked into the top. From the Liverpool Safe Deposit Company Limited. It's super cool and dates to about 1893!

Hot Enough For You? How About A Fireplace Set?

Well, since the Summer has unofficially begun, I thought it would be a great idea to buy a fireplace set. Huh? Well, I really couldn't pass it up, the set is beyond complete. The tools with the stand, a pair of andirons with the crossbar (never saw one before), and the fender. A great, American 1920's or so wrought iron set. Pics soon...