Philadelphia Flea Market

The booth looked great and my buying was great. Check out the pics (I'll try to post tomorrow) of the gorgeous pair of chairs, an immigrant trunk and a hot air balloon chandelier that I was able to purchase at the market. There was also a great coffee table, but I sold it. There's A LOT more info. You'll have to check back!


We got one in at the end of the day. Nothing like waiting till the last possible moment to install a window. But that's how we do things (remember, Philly Style) and we got it done. Now off to pick up the rental truck for the flea market tomorrow.

Packing for the Flea

Saturday will be a great day (I hope) at the Philadelphia Flea Market. We're showing up for the first time at their last flea of the season. There's a lot of buzz about this particular market because of who will be there. Stay tuned for more info!

Painting of the Day

No, not that kind of painting. This is the kind that you use a roller for. The store is looking bright and fresh with a coat (or three) of Decorator White. Now, we need to get on those windows...

Philly Style

I guess you have to be from there to know exactly what Philly Style is. And for each of us, it is singular to us. I'll say this, as soon as we get there, it's gonna get interesting.


We spent the day at the Center44 and it could not have been better! Not only did we re-arrange a couple things in the booth, but also we saw a couple old friends. Now, we're looking ahead to an exciting week. Stay tuned to find out where, when and what! Hint: Saturday is especially exciting!


A while back Clintel Steed painted my portrait. Here it is...


Philadelphia Freedom

The store in Philadelphia is coming along and looking great. We're painting and putting in a new hardwood floor. Of course, we already have the inventory.

Moving Day... Not Yet

In preparation for the big move to Philly, I've already started packing. 27 boxes done. Nothing like planning ahead!

Nothing Like NYC in the Spring

Forget Paris, New York City is the place to be in the Spring! Everyone on the street is wearing bright colors, eating outdoors and smiling.. lots of smiling. For tough New Yorkers, the Spring definitely brings out the kid in us all!

City of Brotherly Love II

Still here, eating way too many cheese steaks, and making plans for the store. Hoping to be open in May...

City of Brotherly Love I

We're in Philly doing some work on the store. With newly textured walls, a wood ceiling and plans in the works - the place is looking great! Stay tuned for pics and more news to come!


We went to our boutique at Center 44 today. The booth still looks gorgeous. For a look at our inventory, click this link.

March Pier Show II

Some photos of our booth on Sunday...






March Pier Show I

Some photos of our booth on Saturday...







Pier Show Set Up

Set up was super early! I was in line at 5am with all of the other crazy dealers waiting to be allowed to unload. The staff of the Pier SHow did a great job (as usual) and my set up went super smooth. I jetted over to the truck rental place, returned my box truck and grabbed a cab back to the Pier to set up my booth. After a lot of moving, unpacking and re-arranging - the booth looked great. See everyone tomorrow!

Press Release

For this weekend's Pier Show, we sent out a press release. Click this link to read it...

ArtFix Daily Blog Online

The latest installment of 20th Century Traditions is now online on ArtFix Daily. Click here to read it!


Headed down to my boutique at Center44 today to get the lay of the land. I needed to see all of the inventory that I'll be bringing to the Pier Show. Wow. There's a lot of it. I better eat my Wheaties because I'll be doing a lot of packing, moving, loading and unloading. Ah, the joys of self employment!

Business Plans...

When I first started out in the antique business, I specialized in antique, period and modernist frames. I knew my merchandise and I knew my clients taste. When I bought something, I knew exactly who would want it and what to ask for it. I brought everything directly to my customers and always went home with a check. Business was great. Over the years my family life grew and I also grew my business. I began to set up at more shows, open a booth at antique centers and my customers came to me. It was a bit of a turn around. Now, I was waiting for someone to come by and see something they might like. While I was appealing to more people, I felt like I had less control. Thanks to some great advice, I have made the choice to open my own store. This will be my first endeavor as such and I can't wait. I hope to make it a blending of my original and changed business style. I'll let you know what happens...


As you read in my previous posts, I have a TON of online accounts. Social networking is an amazing way to get your name out there. Today was the day I had to update my sites. My fingers are tired!

Behance Network

I've joined the Behance Network and I really like the ability to showcase my inventory as a project. When you have a chance, check out this link to see my Behance Portfolio!

Pier Show Press Release

Here's a link to my press release for next week's Pier Show.

LinkedIn Profile Updates

I'm updating my LinkedIn profile and wanted to share it with you. Use this link to see my updated profile.

New Facebook Timeline

I've switched over to the new Timeline on Facebook. Use this link to see my new profile.

New Twitter Background

And there's a new pic for the Twitter background. Use this link to see it!

ArtFix Daily Blog

It's a good read! Check out my blog, 20th Century Traditions by clicking here!

Pinterest Boards

Just joined Pinterest and I'm getting started Pinning! Use this link to see what I've started.

Forty Feet of African Cloth

Seemed like a good idea. Who doesn't need over forty feet of cool hand crafted African cloth. It's now in my booth at Center 44. Stop by and see it!

New Venture in Philadelphia

Come May, Heather Karlie Fine Art and Antiques will have a brick and mortar storefront in Philadelphia. We'll keep you posted with info as we get closer to the grand opening! Be sure to stay tuned!

Coming in Like a Lion

We're happy to be back in the States and we're hitting the ground sprinting! We're on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Behance, YouTube, ArtFix Daily - we're ready to make some big things happen.