Center44 Re-Arranging...

I spent the day at Center44 to re-arrange the booth. I must say, that it looks awesome. Be sure to check out the video and see for yourself!

Some Photos From Brimfield

I just realized that I hadn't posted and photos from Brimfield. The photos are of my space (covered with a tent, of course) at the Heart-O-The-Mart field. Here's a few photos taken just before the 9am rush!







Need I say more?

Abstract Painting at the NYC Flea Market

Today I bought a gorgeous abstract painting. With great colors and great scale, it has a terrific look. Check back for pics and when it'll be available in my booth at Center44.

The Weekend Starts Today!

I'm definitely one of those Summer people. Sure, it's hot and muggy, but I'll take that any day over freezing cold wind chills. So, in honor of the Summer starting soon, I'm giving myself the day off. No worries, I'll be at the NYC flea early tomorrow morning!

More Shopping...

Today a purchased a gorgeous English oak and brass trunk / case. With an awesome paper label, great brass hardware and amazing stature - oversized is what it's all about - this piece has it all. I'll be taking a few photos soon, so be sure to check back!

Center44 Conga Party!

Tonight is the 2nd Annual Mirror Ball Party at Center44. From 6 till 9pm, Center44 will be transformed into a rocking dancing scene. Be sure to come tonight!

Triple Set of Oversized Metal Spheres

Wow. That really says it all. I suspended the set of three oversized metal spheres in my booth at Center44 today. Next time you're in my booth, be sure to look up to see all that's new. The metal spheres can be used poolside, in a garden, on a lawn, next to a driveway, placed by an entrance, suspended just about anywhere... let your imagination be your guide with these amazingly decorative elements.

Garden Furniture to Center44

Today I placed the gorgeous 3 piece Garden Set in my booth at Center44 (again). You'll remember that it had been placed on hold. Twice. Well, it's back and they do say that the third time's a charm! Also, I brought down the amazing seven piece set of a milk glass topped iron and brass table and six iron and brass chairs. Truly elegant. Be sure to see them the next time you're in Manhattan.

Elephant's Trunk Flea Market

Spent the early morning and afternoon at The Elephant's Trunk Flea Market in Connecticut. And when I say early, I mean EARLY. 4:30am to be precise. New Englanders sure are a hearty bunch! It was a super successful day and I sold very well. Thanks to everyone for the great purchases!

NYC Flea Market & Center44

I headed down to the NYC flea market, a little later than usual. As I was strolling the aisles, making conversation more than anything, two great pieces caught my eye. A pair a resin balls embedded with bugs and twigs. Super cool!

Elbow Grease, Part Two

It's a lot of work to get everything looking just right. So, the elbow grease continues today. It'll all be at Center44 very soon!

Time for Some Elbow Grease

Sure the antiques always look perfect when you put them in your home, but the road to perfection can be a dusty one. I made a trip a the local hardware store to pick up some of the essentials in the antiques trade. Some gentle cleansers, a few different waxes and polishes, of course electrical tape and wire nuts for the chandeliers that I bought yesterday. So, when you see the pieces for sale, you'll know that they have been well cared for.

You Light Up My Life!

Well, it's a good opener anyway. Todat I bought three amazing chandeliers. One is a great wrought iron six light chandlier with a lyre, another is also wrought iron in a classically modern design with 8 lights and the third is a twisted, spiraled, coned 18 light masterpiece of hand craftsmanship. You have to see them to believe them. Be sure to head to Center44 to see the chandeliers and so much more!

New Items in Center44

Next time you're in Midtown Manhattan, be sure to stop by Center44. I have a new booth, and just placed in it a great painting from 1933, a bronze bust and a super industrial style floor lamp.

Back from Brimfield!

It was an amazing Brimfield week, and I am sooooo happy to be home. Tomorrow, I'll be at Center44 with lost of great furniture and art. Have you seen my new booth? Be sure to check it out!

Rain, Rain, Rain and Rain

Kind of sums it up. The majority of my neighbors at Heart O The Mart recommended that I pack up on Saturday. I chose to stick it out even with the forecast of a rainy day. And it paid off! The buyers were still there and I wound up selling the Peroba Wood Lounge Chair from Brazil! Thanks!

Keith Lewin Paintings - SOLD

It was a long Saturday at Brimfield and I was wondering if it would be a shut out. Not so. Late in the day a couple people who said they'd come back, actually came back and purchased the paintings they were considering. That's always great news for antique dealers! Two works by Keith Lewin are now hanging in two new homes. Thanks!

Andrew Martin Chest of Drawers - SOLD

So, he was walking by the booth and I knew he would buy the Andrew Martin chest of drawers. There was no poker face. And I was happy to see someone so happy with their purchase. It was only when he returned with a Jeep that I became nervous. Would it fit? And the answer was... Yes! There was about a centimeter on either side of the piece after we carefully placed it into the Jeep. Now that's a perfect fit!

New Day = New Space

The Brimfield experience is one that is constantly evolving. I was set up on Tuesday and Wednesday in space J23, all the way in the back of the field. After Wednesday, that part of the field is all but a ghost town. So, this morning, I packed up the truck and moved on up to space A53. A little hard work should pay off tomorrow!

Sales, Sales, Sales and More Sales!

A great opening day here at Brimfield! The crowds rushed in promptly at 9am when the gates were opened. Running, pushing, shoving and yelling. It was quite the exciting start to a great day. Sales to dealers were also brisk. Here's a round up of what sold today: the Regency X Base Farm Table, the Pair of Brazilian Ceramic Lamps and the Swan Magazine Rack all sold to one buyer, another buyer took home the Sunburst Mirror to Atlanta, GA, another buyer purchased the oversized Driftwood Lamps... the pair of Balance Beam Supports, the Industrial Landscape and the Striped Canvas Trunk all sold to the same buyer, the Brass and Leather Architect's Stool and Brass, Lucite and Enamel Lamp sold to another buyer, and there were lots more sales!

Unloading a Huge Truck at Brimfield!

I arrived at the field a little before 6am. The tent was set up and all I had to do was to unload a HUGE 12 foot rental truck filled beyond capacity with way too much furniture, art, lighting, sculpture, frames and more... The dealers began checking in to see what I brought. I spent the whole day setting up all of my items and at the end of the day, I was exhausted and so happy to be at Brimfield. Opening day is tomorrow!

Heading Up North To Brimfield!

Loaded the truck (thanks to a lot of help) and I'm heading up to Brimfield. I've packed everything from sunscreen to my parka to my galoshes. The weather in Brimfield is less than predictable. Stay tuned and check in with my Twitter and Facebook to keep up to date with photos and sales reports (and probably some weather reports as well).

A Call From London on The Old Master

When I saw the number 44... something or other, I thought it was my cousin who lives in London. Only to find out that my Old Master painting has interested a private buyer in London. The person acting on behalf of the interested party will be flying to New York to see the painting. Stay tuned to find out what happens!

NYC Flea Market, Center44 and Packing

Last minute checking to make sure that I have everything I need for Brimfield. I headed down to the NYC flea market early this morning, but only came home with a coffee. After the flea market, I went to Center44 and picked up a few things to bring to Brimfield.

One Word. Wow.

My Dad summed it up for me. Actually, he said Double Wow. It was a super afternoon at Center44. I managed to get everything moved into my new booth. I'm really happy with the choice of Decorators White as the color. It's still a work in progress, but please take a moment to check out this video of my new space, B14. As soon as I get back from Brimfield, you can expect great paintings, mirrors, and more. And of course, whatever I might find at Brimfield! And there's always the flea market tomorrow!

Center44 Painting

It was a crazy morning and even crazier afternoon. With only an hour and a half before closing time, I managed to get three coats of 'Decorators White' onto the walls of my new booth at Center44. Here's a pic while in process! Check back to see how it looks after I move everything in tomorrow!


Shopping, Shopping, Shopping

Some last minute shopping before Brimfield. I picked up three awesomely huge industrial style orbs, two pairs of gorgeous sconces and three fantastically whimsical toy molds. Look for all of these and more at my booth, J23 in Heart-O-The-Mart, at Brimfield next week!

Expanding at Center44

Great news! I'm getting a new booth at Center44. A bigger space with loads more visibility. I'll be painting the booth and moving in before I head up to Brimfield. Be sure to check my YouTube Channel to see all of my videos and check back to see when I post a new video of the new space!

Brimfield is Next Week!

I really can't believe that another year has gone by. Brimfield begins in a weeks time. I'll be set up in Heart-O-The-Mart in space J23. Be sure to visit me there and see what I've brought. A hint: great Mid Century Modern furniture and furnishings, fine lighting and pairs of lamps, framed mid 20th Century paintings and prints, great gold leafed picture frames, iron and brass garden sets, antique trunks and vintage leather luggage and so, so, so much more. See you there!

Rest Day?

Sort of. After yesterday I really need one. What's that saying about no rest for the weary? Oh yeah, that is the saying. Just a little work today, some quick cleaning of the merchandise for Brimfield then it was onto a BBQ in Westchester. Great way to end the weekend and start the week. Hot dog any one? (make mine a veggie dog)!