Gridlock Alert Day

Do you have these alerts where you live? We got 'em here. Today was not the day to be in Midtown Manhattan. Which happened to be exactly where I wanted to go. So, I heeded the alert and spent the day online. It was a virtual kind of day.

ARTFIXdaily Blog

Now that my finger is better and I've learned another valuable lesson, my blog on ARTFIXdaily is ready for your perusal. Click here to read!


In preparation for a few new items to my inventory, I moved a few things at my boutique in Center 44. Getting ready to hang a large Russian painting and place a set of six George Nakashima chairs it took a little manuevering, but it's going to look great. Be sure to check back to see photos or click here to see my boutique at Center 44.

Almond Croissants...

Yes. It was the perfect Sunday. Almond croissants and coffee. Couldn't have asked for a better way to spend the day!

Small Business Saturday

Definitely wanted to do my part and take part in Small Business Saturday. We spent the day in Tarrytown patronizing our favorite small businesses. A really great way to support local businesses and keep everybody moving forward in a positive way. Keep your dollars local! By the way, HKFA&A is a small business! Hint hint!

Center44 Sales Report

More sales have come through Center44. The pair of Brazilian sofas and the collection of faux books have found new homes. Many thanks to the clients!

Happy Thanksgiving!

It was a wonderful day and I am truly thankful to have a great family. We spent the day at my Grandparents house and we had a wonderful time. Sitting around the table that has seen so many Holiday dinners, we laughed till our sides hurt and ate till we couldn't any more. It was a terrific Holiday and I hope yours was, too!

In The Kitchen...

The plan is to bring the meal (Thanksgiving) to my Grandparents house. We cooked and got everything ready for the Holiday tomorrow.


Sometimes it's not always what you sell at a show, but what happens after the show. I had the pleasure of re-connecting with a few great clients. Emails and photos went out this morning and I hope to be able to chalk up a few more sales. Will keep you posted!


I always figure that I won't need to rent a truck on the way home from a show... This time I did, but at least I had a lot less to load. The packing and loading into the truck went super fast as I only had four boxes and a couple of hand carry pieces. This past weekend at the Pier Show was awesome. I met so many great clients and had a really terrific time.

Sunday at the Pier Show!

What a great Sunday. Sold the vintage toy molds, two paintings, a pair of doorstops, a coffee table, frame and a few other pieces. Load out was a breeze and the show was a success!

Saturday at the Pier Show!

A slow start. I watched the crowds run in and right past my booth. Wondering what was happening, I stayed positive and kept up a great attitude. Hours passed by. I was really getting worried. And then... WOW! Ten pieces sold in about 30 minutes. I guess you could say that when it rains, it pours. The bar cart, a pair of lamps, coffee table, Italian pottery, a pair of Brazilian tables and a bunch of other things all sold. It was a great day!

In Line for the Pier Show

The line was long and it was really early. I was so happy to see all of the other dealers excited for the Pier Show. Everybody wanted to get in and unload fast. My set up went super smooth and the booth looks great. Ready for tomorrow!

Packed for the Pier Show

It was a looooong day. Happy to be packed and ready for set up day tomorrow. Be sure to visit me in booth 4600 at the Pier Show!


10 for 1000 or 1 for 1000?

What's the better business model? Smalls sales that add up or one big sale? I've been on the fence about this and I'm still up there. Both, are great ideas. The first keeps you going. The second gives you a big hit. I guess it has to do a lot with what you're buying. If you're happy buying small (price wise) things, then you'll score once in a while on something but for the most part your business is slow and steady. But if you go for it. If you risk it all on one big thing, well, then the pay off is incredible. But how is the time in between the sales? Still a lot to figure out...


I hid from my paperwork yesterday. It managed to find me today.

Sunburst Mirror SOLD

The great gilt metal leafy sunburst convex mirror has sold through Center 44. To see more of my inventory in Center 44, be sure to visit at 222 East 44th Street in Manhattan or click here for a virtual tour of my boutique!

Social Networking

Well, I'm using more social networking to market my business. This seems to be a great advertising tool to reach out to potential customers in a friendly way. Who doesn't like to 'like' something?

Tall Glass Vase SOLD

One of the glass vases that I placed in my booth has sold already. To see more of my inventory in Center 44, click here.

Getting Ready for The Pier Show

The Pier Show is next weekend. By this time next week, I'll be setting up my 20 foot booth in the Pier. Be sure to visit me in booth 4600!

Social Networking

With accounts on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, Heather Karlie Fine Art is all over the internet. Be sure to friend, follow and subscribe to keep up on the latest news!

1stdibs New Listings

There's plenty of new things to look at on the Heather Karlie Fine Art and Antiques storefront on 1stdibs! Click here to see all that's new!

Enrique Castro-Cid Paintings

The two new Enrique Castro-Cid paintings look great in our boutique at Center 44. Check out the photos below or better yet, stop in and see for yourself!







Painting and Lamp Research

Well, I spent the day sending out emails to see where it would lead. Apparently, it led to Hungary. The first was the Niko Braun painting. The inscription on the back of the painting is dedicated to the Brown family and was done so in December 1922. Mr. Braun's son, changed his name to Brown. I know that Brown is a popular last name, but I am intrigued. More research to come. And, while still in Hungary, the Lili Markus lamp is becoming more and more interesting. After she and her family fled Hungary to live in Great Britain, she continued to work and export her work. This lamp is unusual as it was dedicated, before the firing, to Carole Stupell. Carole Stupell owns a very famous store in Manhattan. Calls have gone unanswered. The search continues...

Wearing Another Hat...

My other, other job is my focus today. I'm designing t-shirts for the upcoming Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu camp that we are doing in Sao Paulo, Brazil in March 2012. If you're interested, please visit the Daniel Gracie BJJ Camp Website!

Getting Ready for Wednesday

I passed on the flea market this weekend to catch up on some other work. I spent the day working on the photos to upload to the website in preparation for the new listings that are out this Wednesday. Be sure to check back and visit the HKFA storefront on 1stdibs to see all that's new!


What a super fun week. Lots of work and lots of play.

Back In The USSR!

The four Russian paintings in my inventory were my focus today. The Anatoly Belkin and Evgeniy Andreevich Agafonov works are highly sought after by many auction houses and galleries. So, I'm looking into consigning them to an auction house overseas... Will keep you posted as to what happens.

Center 44 Photographs

Spent another great day at the HKFA boutique at Center44. With all that is new (and a few things that aren't so new, but I have yet to photograph) I made sure to shoot everything in my booth (almost). Be sure to be on the lookout for the new listings soon to be on 1stdibs!

Have You Been Flossing?

Why, yes. Of course! I just happened to break a filling while eating my kids' Halloween candy! Even with the trip to the dentist, it was a great day!