Halloween Trick-or-Treating!

The two most gorgeous butterfly-princess-ballerinas were kind enough to take two old zombie-vampires out trick-or-treating. It was a wonderful Halloween, even though I had to make an emergency appointment with the dentist!

Perfect Day

The day after the pre-Halloween blizzard, we all stayed indoors and relaxed. What a perfect day!


What the...!? I headed out early to the NYC flea market and was happy that I did. I bought two amazing vintage dress forms on the original industrial stands! They are amazing! After the market, I headed over to the HKFA boutique at Center 44 to add some vases, pots, large scale rulers, paintings and more to the mix. After a couple hours of re-arranging and photographing, I headed back out to grab the car. Only to see that there was a blizzard! The drive back to Connecticut was over two hours instead of the usual 50 minutes. I was happy to get home safely. Right away we (the family) headed outside to play in the snow and build a snowman! What a great day!

Center44 Tomorrow

I'll be heading to Center44 to place a few new items. Glass vases, artist made pedestals and more. Hope I can find some room!

Not Enough Room in My Agenda...

My to do list was too long for my agenda. Somehow I managed to place a check mark next to each item. I was working till 1am. Anyway, long story short, tomorrow is a new day and a new to do list!

Add Another Hat

Oh yeah, there's another hat that I wear. This one is t-shirt designer. The first one was pretty successful. See the photo of Daniel using the t-shirt. I've designed two others. They're at the printer right now, so check back to see how they turned out.


Building an MMA and BJJ Community

If you're an antique dealer, designer or decorator maybe BJJ and MMA are unknown to you. Here's what they stand for: Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts. Maybe you know that my other business is managing BJJ and MMA fighters. We are in the process of creating new websites, social networking pages and more. Stay tuned to see what comes!

Center44 Old is New

I spent the day at Center44 and re-arranged the entire booth! Everything old is new again. Please come by and see what there is for you. In the meantime, here's a video!

Indian Balls Are SOLD

They rolled out the other day to a designer who saw them first on 1stdibs. Thanks!

Saturday in the Park

I gave myself the day off and enjoyed a Saturday in the park with the family! Perfect Fall weather and loads of fun! We also ate ice cream twice, you can't beat that!

The HKFA Boutique at Center44

Please do stop by the HKFA boutique (B14) at Center44 and see what we have for you! There's the Joaquim Tenreiro sofa, the Homage to Isadora Duncan almost life size painting by Maxwell Simpson, the two tier 18 light chandelier and so much more! From important designer Brazilian furniture to American art to great lighting, we have you covered!

More MMA News

Well, the Anger Management MMA business is going really well. We picked up a great sponsor for the fighters - MYO-T12. This is an incredible supplement that helps to shed weight, build muscle and get you in the best shape of your life! If you don't believe me, check out the photo below. They are running a great deal right now to try the product, go to their site, buy the product and SAVE $20! Use code GRACIE at checkout to save!


It's a New Car!

That's what Dads are for... taking care of grand-daughters, son-in-laws and daughters. Thanks for the great car, Dad!

Shopping in Bulk

Seems like a great idea. Buy a lot of something you need and use. Get an awesome deal. Just remember that it ALL has to get out of the car and into your home somehow. This part always escapes me and I wind up doing my exercise for the week unloading and carrying the stuff home. Who needs a gym membership?

Is It Monday Again?

This pretty much sums up how I feel today.

Sunday Drivers

Spent the early morning (and I do mean early) hours driving to Long Island from Atlantic City. It was a lovely way to watch the sunrise over the New Jersey turnpike. Gorgeous!

More MMA Stuff and Controversy

It was another controversial fight. Daniel Gracie's debut at 185 was stopped by the doctors after round two. He did a great fight and I know he'll be back in the cage super soon. Check out the pic!


Anger Management News

Maybe you know that my other business is an MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) Management business. We had some great press today that I wanted to share with you. Read all about MYO-T12 and their sponsorship of Daniel Gracie: DanielGraciePressRelease

ARTFIXdaily Blog - Postcards from Brazil

The blog I write each week on ARTFIXdaily, Postcards from Brazil, has really opened up my eyes to our great business. It seems that sitting down and writing about some of the things that I see, buy, experience, feel, think, etc is making more in tune with what's happening. Be sure to check out my posts on ARTFIXdaily by clicking here!

New Listings on 1stdibs

Wednesday is here and the new listings are up on 1stdibs. Click here to see our inventory.

Joaquim Tenreiro Sofa on Hold

It's a work of art and super comfortable. The Joaquim Tenreiro sofa is now on hold at Center44. Check back to find out what happens!

Airport Pick Up

Do you remember that Seinfeld episode about the importance of the airport pick up? The characters were remarking on how an airport pick up is really something to be appreciated. For us, it was the other way around. We were happy to go to the airport and pick up our favorite flyer just in from Brazil. A great way to start the week!

Great Day...

This weekend was a real gem. Picture perfect weather and great temps.

Nature and Nurture

Spent the day nurturing ourselves in nature. It was a gorgeous day to be outside, so we stayed outside all day!

Postcards from Brazil Now Online!

This week's blog post is online! All about art and money. Joaquim Tenreiro is the Father of the Brazilian Modernist Design Movement. Read about his furniture. His paintings. His passion. Click here to go to the ARTFIXdaily website and read Postcards from Brazil - For the love of Passion...

Solds and Holds at Center44

The alabaster lamp was on hold and now it's sold. Thanks to Jim and Paul at Center44. Of course, many thanks to the client as well! There are a few other pieces on hold. Be sure to check out the HKFA boutique (B14) at Center44. Click here to see my page on the Center44 website!

New Listings on 1stdibs!

If it's Wednesday, then it's 1stdibs! Click here to see my listings on 1stdibs.

Phone Service

Wow. It's getting crazy out there. I don't think my smart phone and I are getting along anymore. It might be time for a change!

Working on My Other Business

This one is the business of fighting. Check out Anger Management MMA.

Flea Market Shut Out

I guess this weekend wasn't for me. Sometimes this happens and anyway, I've been buying really well and some of those things are already on hold at Center44. There's always next weekend!

October is Here

The air is crisp and the leaves are starting to turn color. Happy that Fall is underway.