NYC Flea Market Tomorrow

If it's a weekend, I'm at the flea market. This weekend will have special significance for sure. I'll be toasting my coffee along with my fellow dealers to Robert Loughlin.

Sad News

I just heard about the tragic passing of a friend. He was Robert Loughlin, the famous New York artist, vintage furniture dealer and icon. I first met Robert at the New York flea market in 2002. He was one of the regulars who was there every weekend well before sunrise. He was a fixture at the market who had bought and sold some of the best stuff to the world's most famous artists, celebrities, dealers, etc. A visionary in the world of mid Century furniture, he was dealing in designer furniture before it was the rage. One morning I arrived at the market with a chair I found on the street. I asked Robert if he would paint it for me. This is the chair that is on my site. It is a work that I will cherish forever. I wrote my weekly ARTFIXdaily blog about Robert and this chair. Click here to read it.

Robert Loughlin, Side Chair, Circa 2002, 34

New Listings on 1stdibs

My new listings are up. Be sure to see all that's new. Click here to visit my storefront on 1stdibs!

ARTFIXdaily Blog

Did you happen to read my ARTFIXdaily blog Postcards from Brazil? I posted 'Off the shoulder and on line'. Click here to read it!

Video from Center44

The latest video of the HKFA boutique at Center44 is now online. See it here:

Coffee, Anyone?

One lump or two? You're welcome to drop by Center44 for coffee anytime. Now that we'll have two new coffee tables in our boutique. It was another great shopping day. Be sure to stop by our boutique tomorrow to see the new purchases!

NYC Flea Market and Center44

What a great day. Bought a gorgeous pair of lamps. A true matched pair. They are already at Center44. As well as the coolest box - Profit Sharing Suggestion Box! Have any ideas? Well, be sure to head over to my boutique at Center44 to see all that's new. In the meantime, check out these photos...






Website Updates

There's more on the site. More inventory, more links and more ways to see what we have!

Today is the Day for Center44

We didn't dare test the waters and drive to the East side during yesterday's Presidential visit to the United Nations. Wanted to avoid any traffic jams, street closures, checkpoints, etc. We had smooth sailing today and were able to enjoy a nice lunch prior to re-arranging everything. The boutique at Center44 is all made over and ready! Check out these pics or better yet, see for yourself at 222 East 44th Street!





New Listings on 1stdibs

The new listings are up and we are offering some great items. In keeping with last week's ARTFIXdaily blog theme, 'Are You Single?'... you'll see both a pair of lamps and a single. Your choice. Why not have both?!

Center44 (Again)

Heading down to Center44 for more re-arranging and to bring a few more things... Check back for pics!


Stopped by the HKFA&A boutique at Center 44 today. Placed the gorgeous jewel adorned brass vase and wooden and brass orbs in the space. Stop by to check it out!

Amazing Shopping

And another great day! Scored an absolutely stunning brass bar cart. So minimal. So perfect. Heavy glass top. Mirrored glass bottom. Very chic and machine age at the same time! This will be in our boutique at Center44 this week! Also, a fantastic pair of lucite chairs. Great arched sides and back. Awesome.

NYC Flea Market

Got there later than usual and still scored a gorgeous brass vase with great scale as well as a graduated set of wooden and brass decorated orbs. Very cool indeed!

Bashford Dean Book

Just received a book about the collection of Bashford Dean (Met Museum Curator of Arms and Armor). Hoping for some more clues about the Old Master painting... Stay tuned!

Sergio Rodrigues for OCA

It is a gorgeous wall unit in Jacaranda made by Rio's favorite son, Sergio Rodrigues for Oca. It is now sold. Thanks!

New Listings on 1stdibs

The new listings are up. Click here to see what's new!

Go Figure...

Wow. I spent 45 minutes in line at the Post Office today. I had to ship a small package to Brazil. When I first tried one of the other shipping companies, it was well over $300. Um, no thanks. By the way, there was no line there... So I headed over to the Post Office. When I finally got up to the window, I was able to mail the same package for just $46. Time well spent? Time is money? Yes and Yes. I caught up on my social networking in line and was happy with the savings.

Oversized Copper and Alabaster Lamps

Made a few great purchases and they are available at Center44! Here are a few photos for a sneak peek!





More Research

It was a SAturday spent at the library. Requesting books through Inter Library Loan, going over materials that have already come in and trying to find a needle in a haystack. We are still looking! Keep an ear out for an OUCH!

Mahi Mahi, Bay Scallops and More

It was a gorgeous day. We met up with an old friend and sat on the pier on Long Island sound to enjoy the sunset, the band, the food, the drinks and bets of all the friendship. This is what Fridays are for! TGIF!

ARTFIXdaily Blog is Online

This week's blog has been posted on the ARTFIXdaily website. Be sure to read Postcards from Brazil. Click here to read how to begin a start up business in NYC!

Unforseen Circumstances

Nobody likes to hear that. But sometimes it happens. The exhibition with Cannon Hersey has been postponed. Stay tuned and we'll keep keep you informed.

Center44 Tomorrow

In preparation for the show by Cannon Hersey, I'll be re-arranging a few things tomorrow at the booth. We are hanging the show on Thursday. Check back for pics!

Old Master Research

The arms and armor curators at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Philadelphia Museum of Art both replied to my emails and shared their knowledge with me as it pertained to my Old Master painting. They are great and amazing scholars and I really appreciated their time!

Another Great One!

Couldn't have asked for a better weekend!

Saturday Fun

It was a great day and I'm looking forward to tomorrow!

Labor Day Weekend!

This is the bittersweet end to the Summer. Long days give way to short ones. Less daylight to do more work. That's okay with me, let the Fall begin!

Mosaic and Scope at Center44

It was a heavy day. Heavy lifting. Being an antique dealer definitely keeps you in shape! Check out the pics below to see how we re-arranged our boutique booth at Center 44 after a flurry of August sales! Let's go September!